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Friday, November 16, 2018
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Sermons & Children's Messages

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 2015 Sermons & Children's Messages
Jan 4
Sermon: "Star Search" Pastor Woody Eddins
Jan 11
Sermon: "Water and the Spirit" Pastor Woody Eddins
Jan 18
Sermon: "Listening for God's Difficult Messages" Pastor Woody Eddins
Jan 25
Sermon: "Reflections on a Reluctant Prophet" Pastor Woody Eddins
Feb 1
Youth Led Worship Skit: "David & Goliath" ~ No Pastoral Sermon
Feb 8
Sermon: "Looking for the Big Picture" Pastor Woody Eddins
Feb 15
Sermon: "The 'Real' World" Pastor Woody Eddins
Children's Message ~ Not Available
Feb 18
Ash Wednesday Meditation:  Pastor Woody Eddins
No Children's Message
Feb 22
Sermon: "Rainbows in the Wilderness" Pastor Woody Eddins
Mar 1
Sermon: "Thinking God's Thoughts" Pastor Woody Eddins
Mar 8
Sermon: "Zeal or Ire?" Pastor Peter Preiser
Mar 15
Sermon: "Trauma Queen" Guest Preacher, Rev. Ken Kieffer, CT District Superintendent
Mar 22
Sermon: "Hearing the Thunder" Pastor Woody Eddins
Mar 29
Message: Palm Sunday Reading of the Passion & Meditation, Pastor Woody Eddins
Apr 5
Sermon: "Something Out of the Ordinary" Pastor Woody Eddins
Apr 12
Sermon: "Having My Doubts 'The Economics of the Early Church'" Pastor Woody Eddins
Apr 19
Sermon: "A Piece of Fish" Pastor Peter Preiser
Apr 26
Sermon: "Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, and Grace" Pastor Woody Eddins
May 3
Sermon: "Scuppernongs, Kudza, and Wild Roses" Pastor Woody Eddins
May 10
Sermon: "Where We Draw the Line" Pastor Woody Eddins
May 17
Sermon: "The Ministry of Reconciliation" Guest Pastor Rev. Dr. Bob Evans
May 24
Sermon: "Beyond Wisdom and Understanding" Pastor Woody Eddins
May 31
Sermon: "How These Things Are Possible" Pastor Woody Eddins - recording unavailable
Children's Message
Jun 7
Sermon: "The Weight of Glory" Pastor Peter Preiser
Jun 14
Sermon: "The Environmentalists' Dilemma" Pastor Woody Eddins
Jun 21
Sermon: "On the Day of Salvation" Pastor Woody Eddins
Jun 28
Sermon: "Your Faith Has Made You Well" Pastor Woody Eddins
July 5
Sermon: "Judges" Lay Speaker Ross Fritschler - recording unavailable
Children's Message
July 12
Sermon: "A Spirited Celebration of Salvation" Pastor Peter Preiser - recording unavailable
Children's Message
July 19
Sermon: "Follow Me" Lay Speaker Mark Brady
July 26
Sermon: "No Distinction" Pastor Peter Preiser
Aug 2
Sermon: "Frightening Revelations" Pastor Woody Eddins - recording unavailable
Children's Message
Aug 9
Sermon: "The Sincerest Form of Flattery" Pastor Woody Eddins - recording unavailable
Children's Message
Aug 16
Sermon: "Revelations" Guest Speaker Shelia Raye Charles
Children's Message
Aug 23
Sermon: "Unconventional Warfare" Pastor Woody Eddins
Sept 6
Sermon: "Limits of Compassion" Pastor Woody Eddins
Set 13 - Rally Day! 
Sermon: "Wisdom, Words, and Witness" Pastor Woody Eddins
Sept 20
Sermon: "Greatness from a Different Perspective" Pastor Woody Eddins
Sept 27
Sermon: "Water, Fire, and Salt" Pastor Woody Eddins
Oct 4
Sermon: "I and Thou" Pastor Woody Eddins
Oct 11
Sermon: "What Must I Do?" Pastor Woody Eddins
Oct 18
Sermon: "Inverted Logic" Pastor Woody Eddins
Oct 25
Sermon: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" District Superintendent, Rev. Ken Kieffer
Nov 1 - All Saints Sunday
Sermon: "Something New, Over the Sun" Pastor Woody Eddins
Nov 8 - Laity Sunday
Sermon: "Four Way Biscuits" Lay Speakers
Nov 15
Sermon: "In the Final Analysis" Pastor Woody Eddins
Nov 22
Sermon: "Ambassadors for Christ" Pastor Peter Preiser
Nov 29
Sermon: "Disaster Recovery Ministries" with guest speaker Rev. Yom & Wendy Vencus
Dec 6
Sermon: "An Unexpected Change for the Better" Pastor Woody Eddins
Dec 13
Sermon: "What Then Shall We Do?" Pastor Peter Preiser
Dec 20
Sermon: A Traditional Service of Lessons & Carols
Children's Message
Dec 27
Sermon: "Looking for Jesus" Pastor Woody Eddins ~ recording unavailable
Children's Message ~ recording unavailable